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We believe that when you see a future for yourself at a job, you’ll put more into it.

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Our History

AWC Trucking was founded in 2020 as an answer to the unique struggles facing the trucking industry during the supply chain crisis. What began as a means to address a driver shortage, deteriorating conditions across the transportation sector and a surge in demand for goods morphed into a company that prioritizes people as much as the products it’s delivering. We set out to help fix the industry externally; that forced us to examine the pitfalls within trucking and create change from the inside out.  

The trucking industry has a long history of treating truck drivers unfairly, disrespectfully, and undervaluing the hard, laborious work of being on the road for extended periods of time. We sought to build an environment that was pleasant, safe, and offered professional development opportunities for our team.

We are a driver-centric carrier that prioritizes best-in-class equipment, advanced technology and competitive pay. At AWC Trucking, drivers are part of a big family; direct communication between drivers and company management is both encouraged and welcomed. We want everyone to feel appreciated and heard. 

Our management team has more than 30 years of combined experience working in the highly controlled pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries, as well as healthcare, insurance and IT sectors. We utilize proprietary in-house technology to ensure our deliveries arrive in ideal condition and on time, and partner with the best companies in the business. The result is consistently positive feedback on our quality and level of service. We have also been the recipients of multiple Top Performance awards within the trucking industry. 

Whether you’re transporting equipment, machinery or Food & Beverage, let AWC be on the journey with you. 

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